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Planed timber siberian larch, spruce

Sawn timber pine, spruce, beech, oak, birch, linden


Larch wood is traditionally used for the production of deck and terrace boards, cladding boards for the facade, as well as for the production of fences and garden furniture.

Siberian larch wood is characterized by high resin content. This property provides it with good natural protection against decay and moisture.


Plywood is traditionally in demand in the furniture industry for the manufacture of cabinet and office furniture, joinery structures.

Due to its high strength, plywood has become one of the most popular in construction and repair, for the production of various interior structures and wall and ceiling cladding.

It is used for interior decoration, flooring, preparing the base for parquet or laminate, interior partitions.

Plywood is used for the production of environmentally friendly containers and packaging, i.e. for the production of boxes, boxes, pallets.

Furniture industry MDF
MDF – in the production of cabinet furniture for any part of the house and office, hotels, restaurants; to create semi-finished products (doors, facades, frames and countertops).

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